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New Opportunities


This past week ISM I had my 3rd mentor meeting with Dr. Shamin Masrour. During our meeting, Dr. Masrour and I reviewed my final product proposal and she noted a few typos within the paper as I had written that Botox was a treatment for both episodic and chronic migraines when in fact it is only a treatment for Chronic migraines. She noted how my timeline and calendar was good, but made sure that I knew that I should remain flexible on when and how I work on my final product so as to make sure I do not rush its completion. Next we talked more about Miles for migraines organization that is dedicated to finding the cure for migraines and the support group she is currently part of that allows her to learn more about the affect headache disorders have on a the metal and physicals health of a patient. The support group also focuses on spreading awareness of this debilitating condition and asks the question, "How can physicians better their care to help patients with headache?". This support group just had their first meeting as they meet once a month and currently Dr. Masrour is asking the organizers if I may attend as an observer. Our conversion also looked at what sub-topics I should cover in my Op-Ed and Dr. Masrour sent me a few articles to look at in order to build on my currently understanding of stigma against headache disorders. For this next week, I will look into each of these articles and come to back to Dr. Masrour and ask any questions I may have about the information.

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