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  • Aniket Hingnekar

A Finished Final Product


This past week I completely finished my Final product and in class, I continued to polish up my piece up. I really focused on the personal side of my self-stigma section and corrected the structure and sentence pairing for the paragraph. I elaborated more on what events and things our family had to miss due to my mother's migraines and introduced my own struggle with headaches and what I mean to me and how it has affected my future. I also went through my work and fixed basic grammar problems and tried to make the piece flow together better. My mentor and I also met to discuss the final touches on my product. Before our meeting I had her read over my entire piece to find possible grammatical and informatic errors. In the meeting, we corrected these errors and smoothened the transition between certain topics in the piece. We discussed moving forward with my piece to try to polish it up to the point it can be published by some type of medical journal or headache organization. Until our next meeting, Dr. Masrour asked me to research what types of journals may be open to this and the goal which I am aiming towards. Finally, I finished my set-up and completion summary where I described what my final product is and how it is supposed to function as well as how I got the idea for the product. I also worked to show my understanding of the results of the product and decided how I wanted to study this topic, perhaps in the future. And thanked my Mentor by acknowledging the role she played in this product.

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