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  • Aniket Hingnekar

The Final Presentation


For my final blog, this past week concluded my ISM Journey as we began Final Presentation Night. During my presentation, I had my mother, father, sister, aunt, and uncle in the room, while my mentor logged onto zoom to attend my presentation. I believe my presentation itself was done very well and I remembered to enunciate and slow down my words, unlike my previous attempt at the Dress Rehearsal. I believe my presentation was very well thought of and understood by the audience as I remembered to slow down to their understanding and elaborate on the complex idea and situations I was describing. Due to the fact, my mentor was unable to attend Final Presentation Night in person, we are planning to meet in person this upcoming week so I can give her the mentor plaque. Dr. Masrour's guidance and helpfulness have truly proven to be invaluable this entire year. I remembered to thank Coach Goff and all my peers in ISM at the end of my presentation and really highlighted the role my mother has played in my ISM journey. Finally, I also gave more details about the college I am planning on attending: The University of Texas at Austin, and talked about the programs that I am excited to be a part of once I'm a longhorn.

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