• Aniket Hingnekar

ACT NOW Migraine Group


Last week, I met with Dr. Masrour to talk about a research article she had sent me over the phases of Migraine. This article expanded more on the pathophysiology of migraine as a whole and provided me with much a increase understanding of what exactly the trigeminal nerve is and how it relates to migraine function. From this article and out discuss ion I learnt how this nerve is not just located in out brain, but travels all across our body from the facial structures to the neck and spine. The next day, I attended ACT NOW which is a migraine support group whose goal is to increase awareness and show the public advocacy in migraine through supporting increasing funding for research and attacking ingrained stigma to boost awareness about the disease. In this session, we looked at how Migraine can boost its awareness about the disease, by taking inspiration from other diseases and how they managed to create a large base of supporters. We really discussed how HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer went from a stigmatized disease in the 80s to large amounts of funding being poured into the field to find cures and treatments to better help patients. This support groups meets monthly, with each meeting having a different perspective on how to advocate for migraine and I plan to attend this six month course, which began in January to truly be involved with this movement against the migraine disease.

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