• Aniket Hingnekar

Beginning a Mentorship


This past week I began my zoom mentorship under Dr. Shamin Masrour and, although, I did not visit her at the clinic, our time was extremely valuable to me from developing my final product to clearing up any misconceptions. In out time together, Dr. Masrour introduced me to the ICHD or International Classification of Headache Disorders. This handbook lists and classifies the numerous different headache disorders from tension headaches to chronic migraines and allows for a base understanding of their symptoms in order to assist physicians in diagnosing patients. Before our next meeting I will definitely look into this journal of information to see how I can further understand headache medicine and how physicians are able to diagnose such complex conditions. Another major topic I learnt more about was the importance of CGRP or Calcitonin gene-related peptide and its importance in migraine medicine. I also received inspiration for my final product this past week as currently I am looking at more of a PSA style final product which Dr. Masrour noted the stigma behind migraines and from this ideas, I am currently looking more at educating the patients and the public about this condition for my final product, rather than just laying down the facts, similar to what I did for my original work. Another idea for my final product could be exploring the many different types of headaches and compiling them in layman's terms so patients can truly read and understand the condition they may have,

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