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  • Aniket Hingnekar

Brainstorming the Final Product


This past week I had my second zoom mentor meeting with Dr. Shamin Masrour on Friday. However, before coming to the meeting I had done prior research specially regarding the major classifications of migraines and other headache disorders as well as the diagnosis process that physician go through when treating a patient. From this research I learnt about the 3 major class of Primary headache disorders: Tension Headache, Migraine, and Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias or TACs. I expanded beyond these basic three classes of headache disorders and looked Benign exertional headaches as well as Primary stabbing headaches and their respective symptoms and possible treatments. From my research, I concluded that headache medicine is still much a field in its infancy in terms of the knowledge we know about this disorder from its pathophysiology to treatment options. During out meeting, Dr. Masrour and I discuss these specific classification, but we also spoke about the patient-side of headache medicine and how this disorder can result in truly calamitous results for a patient's social and work life. For my original work I want to highlight this struggle for patients and am currently looking at writing an Op-ed piece on stigma against migraines and similar headaches disorders that has been cultivated across the globe. To help me with this endeavor, Dr. Masrour has recommend me to join her during a patient-physician support group to talk about these problems that are effecting the patient's well-being both physically and mentally. I look forward to joining her and learning more about the struggle many patients face in today's climate.

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