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  • Aniket Hingnekar

Finalized Mentorship and Continued Research


This past week I finalized my mentorship with Dr. Shamin Masrour and I have my first zoom meeting with her on 11th of January at 6 pm. During this meeting we will first go over the ISM Mentor handbook and set up the principles of learning we will be using for this mentorship in order to ensure a productive and smooth relationship between Dr. Mansour and I. The first major idea I will introduce to my mentor is my original work, I will ask her to go over it with me and help me direct my research towards a final product. The second idea is brainstorming my final product as I currently do not know what I wish my final product to be, so I hope this mentor visit can be insightful about the current problems Dr. Masrour faces in her practice and what can be introduced to help her and other medical professionals diagnose and treat patients quicker and easier. This past week, I also continued to research monoclonal antibody medication and how it can be co-prescribed with other medications to helps patients the best. These medications could include anti-seizure, antidepressants, as well as Botox injections. As I continue to research this topic I will look at how patients have helped physicians discovered new techniques and focus on a more patient-intensive treatment approach to see if it would have any differing results compared toc conventional medicine.

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