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  • Aniket Hingnekar

Grinding out the Details


This past week my mentor and I went over my final product and I worked with her to add a more personal element to my writing. We talked about understanding more about the SSDI and to really expand on the employee side of the story within my opinion piece. We also edited how I described migraines as a disease to my reader in order to effectively convey my point. And we continued to add narrative pieces to further my line of reasoning within the piece. After our meeting was over, I continue to work on my final product and finished both parts on institutional stigma and added more personal detail to really evoke emotion to the reader. After finishing up institutional stigma, I continued to work and began to write more on inter-personal stigma. I highlighted how I know about inter-personal stigma and how I have seen it and also been part of it and my shame along with that. I began talking about my mother and how she has powered through the disease along with her relationship that allowed me to write this piece. Finally, I am almost finished on my part on interpersonal stigma and will make sure to add more anecdotal stories. Next I will highlight self-stigma and tie that back into what we can do to combat stigma against migraine.

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