• Aniket Hingnekar

Mentorship and Synthesis


This week in ISM I changed my Original Work Proposal from creating a new treatment plan based on the symptoms of triggers of different types of Migraines to evaluating the most common prescription therapies and treatments given to Migraine Patients and analyzing the effect on of their introduction in the field of headache medicine. I main reason I changed this was due to the lack of research and time needed to compiled all my data from accredited sources and use the data to determine the most effective treatment plan. I realized that instead of focusing on the causes of migraines I could look instead at bettering the treatments given today to migraine patients. I decided that I would use my prior research from assessments to write a research paper over all the available treatments for Migraines and describe each of their benefits and downsides. Another thing I accomplished this week was I that I confirmed my selection of a mentor. My mentor's name is Dr. Shamin Masrour and she is a accomplished clinical neurologist that specializes in headache medicine and it is because of this fact that I felt she would the most helpful in my ISM journey. I believe I can learn a lot from Dr. Masrour as I look forward to asking her question about this very intriguing field and the upcoming treatments for migraines in the future.

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