• Aniket Hingnekar

Original Work


This past week in ISM I finished up my Original Work project that I have been working on for the past 2 months. The purpose of the Original Work is to synthesize and evaluate the new information you gained about your topic to created a new product that is helpful to the community, your mentor, field, or is the basis for future learning in that subject area. For my original work I decided to write a scientific paper that compiled all the recent breakthroughs in migraine medication to better assist both physician and patient understand the basics for each of these treatments as well as their pros and cons. I came to this idea after studying numerous medical journals and I noticed the lack structure and organization of the many different treatments of migraines as often these medical papers would talk about the data of a possible specific Migraine treatment, evaluating its efficacy, but then refusing to connect its viability to other types of medication when co-prescribed. Although, we have jut past the half-way mark in our ISM Year, I believe I have already learnt so much and I look forward to meeting with my mentor over this next semester to discuss the questions I have after writing this scientific paper. I hope to get a better understanding in the difference between acute and therapeutic migraine treatments and if they act differently based the the type of migraine the patient has.

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