• Aniket Hingnekar

The ISM of the Future

Updated: Jan 11, 2021


The week before I began the holiday I largely spent reflecting over my original work and looking at how I could improve it as I begin to start work on my final product. During this week, I completed a reflection original work assessment in which I will explored the process I used during the design and execution process of my original work. and wrote how my understanding of the OW topic has been evolved over the past months from research into the field of headache medicine. In this assessment I also introduced my mentor that will be guiding me this next ISM semester in order to gleam as much knowledge as possible from her experiences as a medical professional to better formulate and decide on what my final product for this year may be. As I begin to work towards my final product I will use the skills and knowledge I gained from my first semester original work such as my greatly improved medical vocabulary and synthetization of medical articles in order to branch off from my original work, by creating a final product that exceeds it. One rudimentary idea I have for my original work is to create a tool to help physicians and focus more on the human aspect of headache medicine by allowing then to treat patents not only pharmaceutically, but also mentally and physically.

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